Knockout Punch

It’s been a couple weeks since we blogged. Obviously, we are exhausted with just the business of having a newborn at home and another in the hospital. However, we’ve had a bit more to deal with than we would have ever expected.

Michael Note: This post is a long time coming and covers a lot of detail. We’ve been through a lot and are just now getting back to our normal selves.

I was released on the 11th, as Michael indicated and we were resting at home by early afternoon. The next couple days were not very noteworthy. My pain meds got messed up (The on call doctor had illegible writing) and I quickly realized how much I needed the correct dosage. The nurses at the hospital helped us get that sorted out really quickly- even ribbing the doctor for (paraphrasing) “leaving a woman who just delivered twins by c-section with out the sufficient dose to even take the edge off!” That gave us a good laugh. Continue reading

Sorry Updates Coming Soon


Sorry. We will update the site this weekend with new photos and some other posts. Grammie and Pappy Lyon are here, Shannon is healing, the twins are still in NICU, I have the sniffles which I hope is just allergies, and I have my R2 builders meetup all weekend. But we’ll get something up.

Shannon is Leaving the Hospital


Shannon is leaving the hospital this afternoon. We’re getting our things together, will have a quick visit with the twins, and should be home resting by about 1pm. Then starts the complications of needing to be back here a couple times a day to do cares with the babies, while Shannon can’t drive and Gillian can’t be left at home alone. I’m sure one of us will be posting another update either later tonight or in the morning.

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One Crazy Hour

The thrilling events between 6:05 and 7:15am, October 6th:

On Wednesday, I was a bit out of sorts. You could call it a woman’s intuition but I think a lot of my uneasiness stemmed from compiling symptoms. By evening, I just felt generally unwell and wondered how long the pregnancy would sustain.

I did manage to have a decent stretch of sleep and then woke up to use the restroom at about  6:05 am. The moment that I sat up in bed, I knew that we’d started a path that would result in babies being delivered very soon. That blasted placenta previa reared it’s ugly head for the last time.

I pushed my call button and explained that I’d started bleeding. The closest nurse came to assist and we made it to the restroom. She brought me my phone to call Michael- who was already driving in.(God is so gracious.) I was relieved that Michael was en route but that he was far enough out to miss everything that would happen in the next 10 minutes. This Prego Diva had turned the room into a big scene- a crime scene- a horror movie scene. Continue reading

Keep on Keeping On

When I was pregnant with Gillian, I read the book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” I think a good subtitle for that piece of work would be “A Complete List of Scary Pregnancy Complications and Birth Defects for You to Obsess About over the Next Year.” Given the inherent risks of carrying multiples over the age of 35 (well over), I decided to forego a reread this time around. I should mention that, I’m technically not considered an “AMA” or Advanced Maternal Age patient with this pregnancy because  these twins were conceived from 23 year old eggs. Theoretically, the cornucopia of complications that I’m currently experiencing all stem from the multiples factor. I’m inclined to believe that. The primary issue we are dealing with is placenta previa, which is far more common with twins than singletons- based upon space constraints. If we didn’t have the placenta previa issue, I wouldn’t be having contractions. If I wasn’t experiencing those complications, I wouldn’t be on bed rest and I might not bare such a strong resemblance to this guy. Continue reading

What’s in a name?

Choosing baby names can be challenging. I’ve found that I can generally come up with several names that I like for girls but then the name still has to be paired with a good middle name and our very common last name. The three names must all blend well together as should the first and last name. And of course, my husband and I both have to agree on the selection. The name can’t be too common or too weird. The meaning must be considered. Is the name easily pronounced? Does it rhyme with something that might make it a terrible nickname? Does it sound like a stripper name? So many considerations.

Continue reading

Starbucks and Scrambled Eggs

Michael and I got married when we were in our 30’s. We hoped to start a family after our first anniversary. (Michael Edit- I don’t remember that but ‘okay’.) Not surprisingly, it didn’t happen for us over night. After a few years with out a single pregnancy, we started exploring other options and ultimately made a decision to adopt from China. However, God had another plan. We literally received the adoption application the night before I woke up with the suspicion that I might be pregnant. A pregnancy test confirmed my intuition and Gillian was born later that year- 2 months shy of our 4th wedding anniversary. Continue reading