Gillian’s Birthdate Pool

On the phone with Michael tonight, Gillian ventured her guess as to when she believes the babies will be born: 10/10/11. She didn’t provide a precise time…Grandma and Grandpa Smith both offered guesses too:

Grandma Smith: 10/11/11

Grandpa Smith: 10/15/11 (Michael is not a fan of this date as it coincides with R2LV)

None of us really have a clue or much by way of inside information. We hope to get to at least October 8th- which would be 34 weeks. Every day, we have some sort of little incident that makes us say “hmmmmmm”. All in all, they are monitoring well, my blood pressure is good and my doctor is just taking it one day at a time.

Come on.. let’s see some comments on your best guess.

9 thoughts on “Gillian’s Birthdate Pool

  1. I think my guess is a constantly changing number. On Sunday morning (Oct 2nd) I’d say my guess was Sunday afternoon. But a few hours later the Doctor came in and says ‘status quo’ and my guess changed. Today I think we’ll get to at least the 8th. Probably mid next week..?.. like the 12th?

    But like Shannon said.. something happens almost every day to make us think sooner or later.

  2. I’m going to step out and be a woman of great faith and say 10/17/11… late in the day. 🙂 Let ’em bake till they’re lite and flaky. 😉

  3. 10/07/11 … A- 5lbs 3oz and B 4lbs 13ozs and I’ll guess I’ll want to love on Decclan first. lol

  4. Although I will say I want their bday to be 11/11/11. Near full term with twins? You can do it!!!!!!!

    • 11/11/11 would be my first pick from a cool bday stand point. If we could really have any date, Michael would choose Halloween.

  5. My guess 10/9/11. sometime in the evening. Darcy will come first and Declan next. Darcy 4lbs 11oz and Declan 4lbs 13oz 🙂

  6. Shannon and I had a fun discussion yesterday about the fact that the word “Suprise” is misspelled on the graphic. I have to admit that I actually didn’t notice it. When I first saw it I thought it looked weird but didn’t think about why. It reminded me of the joke that has the punchline “supplies!” – and now I know why.

    Shannon’s explanation of it is that the graphic comes from ICANHASCHEEZBURGER which has funny.. er.. dumb.. pictures of animals saying things and usually misspelling them. I guess it’s because if animals could write they would be likely to misspell stuff? Or something? Anyway, we had a good laugh about it.

    The internet is so stupid. 🙂 OMG LOL!

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