Our second ultrasound was scheduled for March 28th but we were too sick and had to reschedule. You have to know that an IVF prego is pretty sick if she’s actually willing to post pone an ultrasound.

In the past 3 weeks, our household has had pink eye, RSV, strep throat, ear infection, random medicine allergy related gnarly rash and just felt like zombies in general. Oh..I didn’t mention the bronchitis- that was the germ that chose me. I wound up in the ER last weekend. After playing the martyr and not consuming so much as a cough drop, I wind up on antibiotics and albuterol. What can you do? I pushed back on the doctor and he did the due diligence to provide me the latest documentation on the drugs and basically told me that it was a case of “risk vs. gain” and that I needed to be able to breathe. Sigh.

We had the ultrasound on March 30th and all was in order. There were two heartbeats and both embryos were measuring as expected. That was a huge relief.

Given the bronchitis and drugs, I’m anxious for the next ultrasound but it’s still about 12 days from now. I spoke with my baby doc’s office and was told that there was no reason to come in between appointments unless I start experiencing complications. I am going to trust that “no symptoms” are a good thing.

I’ve been on a z-pack for about 4 days now. I only used the albuterol for about 48 hours. I slept beautifully last night. (frequent bathroom trips notwithstanding) I feel like a new woman today.

Being sick when you are pregnant SUCKS! My husband was taking a potpurri of medicine and I was sucking on candy canes and drinking hot water with honey. The experience definitely made me appreciate my normal good health. I’m also thankful that I haven’t had any adverse prengancy symptoms. Food is not terribly appealing but I haven’t been nauseous.

Now..if I can ever feel caught up at work, I’d really be a happy camper.