First ultrasound

Yesterday morning, we had an early ultrasound appointment to check whether our embryos implanted. I realized the night before that I was pretty nervous. That’s the curse of the Internet-I’ve ready too many IVF blogs. So many families have faced the heartache of chemical pregnancies, ectopic pregnancies and miscarriage.We were very grateful to have one of our favorite nurses perform the ultrasound. If we did receive bad news, I thought it would be some small comfort to hear it from someone who’d been with us through the process as opposed to a stranger.

As she started to probe and watch the screen, I waited in fear. “Please, let everything be normal.”

It seemed like it took an eternity but then she found the first embryo and with in seconds- the other. My husband and I exchanged smiles and relaxed enough to enjoy the rest of the appointment. I started crying the moment we returned to the car.

First ultrasound taken at 4 weeks and 6 days

One of my girlfriends asked me if I was in shock about having twins. I told her that “relieved” was probably the better word. We chose to implant two embryos with the hope that both would implant. We also felt the fear that neither would. Today, I realize that I am in a bit of shock. After longing for more children for so long, it feels very surreal to know I am carrying two babies. My hope and prayer is that we will all do well through the pregnancy and meet this winter. My full term due date is November 19th.

The next benchmark is on March 28th. We will have a second ultrasound to check for heartbeats. Today, I will focus on our good news.