Sorry Updates Coming Soon


Sorry. We will update the site this weekend with new photos and some other posts. Grammie and Pappy Lyon are here, Shannon is healing, the twins are still in NICU, I have the sniffles which I hope is just allergies, and I have my R2 builders meetup all weekend. But we’ll get something up.

Shannon is Leaving the Hospital


Shannon is leaving the hospital this afternoon. We’re getting our things together, will have a quick visit with the twins, and should be home resting by about 1pm. Then starts the complications of needing to be back here a couple times a day to do cares with the babies, while Shannon can’t drive and Gillian can’t be left at home alone. I’m sure one of us will be posting another update either later tonight or in the morning.

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3 lbs – Declan Progress

Declan crossed the 3 lb barrier last night and weighed in at 3 lb 1 oz. This is good news and it means that he’s gaining weight. Declan was born at only 2 lb 12 oz.  (His sister was double that at 5 lb 8 oz.)  Getting past 3 lbs feels like progress to us. Although it’s important to note that, at this scale, weights can fluctuate a lot over even just a bowel movement. It’s also important to mention that right now he’s mostly getting nourishment from an IV.

Declan's IV is fed a custom mixture of Lipids (fats), Sugars, Electrolytes, etc.

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Game Face

I wanted to add some perspective to our situation, and to our style of reporting of it.  In general, Shannon and I are super positive people.  We don’t even usually post on Facebook about our worries or life frustrations. The worst I’ll get is to comment on a bad tv show or something Apple screwed up. But about our lives and our happiness, we try to stay positive. And that’s both an outward thing (how we choose to communicate with others about our feelings on life and our current situation) and an inward thing (that when we look at our lives honestly, we can’t feel anything but blessed). But in both cases it’s a choice and it’s an attitude. And it works well for us. Continue reading

NICU Day One


This gallery contains 28 photos.

Here are a collection of photos of Declan and Darcy’s first day in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). While the various tubes and sensor leads might catch you off guard or suggest something about their condition, they are standard precautions … Continue reading