Knockout Punch

It’s been a couple weeks since we blogged. Obviously, we are exhausted with just the business of having a newborn at home and another in the hospital. However, we’ve had a bit more to deal with than we would have ever expected.

Michael Note: This post is a long time coming and covers a lot of detail. We’ve been through a lot and are just now getting back to our normal selves.

I was released on the 11th, as Michael indicated and we were resting at home by early afternoon. The next couple days were not very noteworthy. My pain meds got messed up (The on call doctor had illegible writing) and I quickly realized how much I needed the correct dosage. The nurses at the hospital helped us get that sorted out really quickly- even ribbing the doctor for (paraphrasing) “leaving a woman who just delivered twins by c-section with out the sufficient dose to even take the edge off!” That gave us a good laugh. Continue reading