Sorry Updates Coming Soon

Sorry. We will update the site this weekend with new photos and some other posts. Grammie and Pappy Lyon are here, Shannon is healing, the twins are still in NICU, I have the sniffles which I hope is just allergies, and I have my R2 builders meetup all weekend. But we’ll get something up.

4 thoughts on “Sorry Updates Coming Soon

  1. That’s enough for me right now. I just wanted to know everyone was headed in the right direction and getting stronger, bigger and healthier. Thanks

  2. Yeah, it was a little easier to blog during those long nights in the hospital while still wired on adrenaline.

    Still hope to post an update sometime Sunday.

  3. Sending lots of healing energy your way for everyone!! Look forward to an update and hope nothing but steps forward for you all!

  4. We’re so happy to hear things are moving along.nicely. I’m also so glad the grandparents are there and can help out. We’ve been in your shoes (albeit with one baby, not two) and can’t imagine how you are able to send pictures and such since I was proud of myself for just putting one foot in front of the other during that time. Please take care of yourselves and give those precious babies a tiny little kiss for me. Tootie

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