1 thought on “How did you know?

  1. Up to age three, we took Gillian to FAO Schwarz every year on her birthday and let her pick out a few gifts. She had simple taste and usually only locked on to a toy or two. Unfortunately, the store went out of business some time back. For the last few years, Michael has taken her on a “recon” mission to Toys R Us- where they simply scout toys to give us a better sense of what she likes these days. He photographs all of her top picks and then he and I discuss what to do. It’s funny how quickly she forgets about the shopping trip. Grandma and Grandpa got her the Play-doh Dentist set because Michael could tell it was something she was really excited about at the store. (He was kind of excited about it too) As soon as she saw it under the wrapping paper, she started asking “How did you know that I wanted this? Who told you?” Grandma maintained that she’d heard it from ” a little birdie”.

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