5 thoughts on “World’s Greatest Dad

  1. I was the one that was there, but Shannon was the mastermind behind the magic. She planned the whole day, booked things, even down to buying G’s outfit online – all while on bed rest. Don’t let her fool you, she’s the World’s Greatest Mom!

  2. Gillian, I showed the pic’s to Great Grandma. We enjoyed seeing the excitement in all your Expressions. Thanks to all of the Great People that made this happen. I say Best Birthday Ever for a 6 year old named Gillian.

    Love You Lots Kid, Hugs & Kisses to you and please give Mommy a Tummy Hug for me. Great site Michael. Love you All

  3. Michael, I have to admit, I was looking at Gillian’s well coordinated adorable outfit with hat and all and I was thinking, I’m really impressed . Thanks for fessing up. You are obviously a great dad and husband but I was starting to think “totally amazing”. But really, you two are great parents and it comes across loud and clear when you look at that happy, well adjusted little 6 year old.

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