Michael and I kept Gillian’s name secret until her birth. We wanted to meet her before we committed though we were pretty sure of the name for at least a month before she was born. Michael was responsible for choosing her middle name and that decision came a bit later.

I’ve always been surprised at how many people ask about baby names. When we were expecting Gillian, we assured my parents that we’d chosen something innocuous, “You know, like Reagan Dubya.”

We’ve been asked time and again about the twin’s names. Some of our friends (you know who you are) even tried to trick us in to revealing the names. I always wondered whether they were embroidering something and we are holding up their work.

We’ve joked about calling the twins Luke and Leia. Other names have been offered- such as Sonny and Cher. Most recently, I’ve begun referring to them as Ronnie and Nancy. I’ve decided that those are the perfect Rock Star pseudonyms for them to use when checking in to hotels later in life. What about Gillian’s Rock Star pseudonym? Well, obviously she can be Maggie.