Molly Kickhead

2 thoughts on “Molly Kickhead

  1. When my good friends Barry and Heather were expecting their daughter, an older sibling wanted to help with names. He chose Molly Kickhead as her moniker. They referred to her by this name often until she was born. It goes with out saying that he was disappointed when she came home from the hospital with the name Olivia. My family has long remembered the name and so it was the first thing we thought of when we saw Darcy kicking Declan in an ultrasound.

  2. Hi guys, I was surprised and touched at the sharing of “Molly Kickhead”, a name we still use from time to time to our now seventeen yearold baby girl.
    So happy for you! Doesnt matter how they get here,right? just that they Get Here!!
    love and prayers, The hovis family

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